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Visualization prototypes for CI-BER

These prototypes consist of a Django app containing two web-based visualizations and an indexer. Right now they are in a fairly unpolished state, as they are prototypes, but it was suggested that they might be useful, so they are now out on GitHub. To setup the prototypes, you will need to do some hacking.

First of all, you will need IRODS installed to use the indexer. I have included sample indices if all you want to do is verify that you can get the visualizations running, but running the indexer can be accomplished. You will need to have IRODS setup and the ICOMMANDS_HOME environment variable set to the bin/ directory of the icommands client. Then you will need to modify to point to your IRODS repository. Run to generate an input to the scanner then run:

$ ./ documents.json | ./ host port num_processes

Once you have indices, copy the dat and idx files created to the app directory and move the app directory to a working django install and go about the normal process of configuring app endpoints. You can simply include() the app.urls module in your main under some suitable endpoint. You will need to modify to point to the app directory, as some of the paths are also hardcoded. My apologies.