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ga_app - App portal for geoanalytics


This application contains some necessary hacks and simiar stuff for Geoanalytics as a whole. Most everything here could be enabled in a specific app, but since GA consists of many modules, many of which have common assumptions about system setup, this app exists for that. It will also eventually become the portal app. If you are running any GA apps, you should install this app, as any or all of them may require it in the future. As of right now, the only app that requires it is ga_bigboard, but more will follow

Special instructions

One thing that ga_app does for you is magic logging, creating app-by-app logs and importing regularly scheduled Celery tasks on an app by app basis. To achieve this, create an :file:`app_settings` file in your django app, and add a LOGGING attribute to the module like this:

    'ga_bigboard.views' : {
         'handlers': ['ga_bigboard'],
         'level': 'INFO',
         'propagate': True,

where the handler is simply the app label in INSTALLED_APPS. Then at the end of your project's main file, add the following lines:

LOGGING_BASE_DIR = '<base directory for all your logs>'
from ga_app import utils

this trick means that you must not import django.conf.settings in your app_settings file.