Geoanalytics Geocoder - Forward and reverse geocode from addresses or codes.
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ga_geocoder - Flexible geocoding for geoanalytics

ga_geocoder is a flexible geocoder for Geoanalytics. It requires ga_spatialnosql and the "requests" library (pip install requests). There are a number of geocoders in ga_gecoder/ that you can use to geocode either to open streetmap data (although you'll want to install your own version of Nominatim if you want to do bulk geocoding) or codes in your own geographic data (such as US Census FIPS codes or other kinds of meaningful names). Documentation is scant right now, as I've just finished coding the initial run of coders. There will soon be an NGram based geocoder as well that will handle geocoding with spelling mistakes in a manner similar to the exact-geocoding on well-known names.

Geocodes are returned as Python dicts that conform to the GeoJSON spec (if you do a json.dumps(code) you will get a GeoJSON document). See the for examples of usage.