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flux for iOS
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This installs the f.lux iOS app on your device without requiring a jailbreak. Learn more about f.lux at

Why isn't this in the app store?

This app changes the color of all running apps on your phone, even when f.lux is not directly open. Such functionality is not allowed in the App Store Review Guidelines, however this type of app is possible.

How do I get this on my phone?

  1. Download (click releases above for file), then open with Xcode

  2. In the Project Editor, go to General > Identity > Bundle Identifier and append some characters to the identifier string to make it unique (anything but com.justgetflux.iflux) or you may get an error saying "An App ID with Identifier 'com.justgetflux.iflux' is not available. Please enter a different string."

  3. Plug in your phone

  4. Select your phone from the device menu (next to the "Play" and "Stop" buttons)

  5. Click "Play"

How does it work?

There is an opaque, non-open-source app called iflux in this project. We trick Xcode into signing and installing this app on your phone by:

  1. Building a dummy app "just an app"

  2. Splicing in the opaque binary during the build process

  3. Letting Xcode sign and install the app as normal

There are build errors

We are building the binary twice, once using source code, and again by splicing. This duplication is reported as an error by Xcode.

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