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A gedit plugin to reopen recently-closed files ("undo close tab")
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Necronomicon, a plugin for gedit

Reopen recently-closed files ("undo close tab")

All bug reports, feature requests and miscellaneous comments are welcome at the project issue tracker.


Tested with gedit 3.6, though earlier versions of gedit 3 should also be compatible.


  1. Download the source code (as zip or tar.gz) and extract.
  2. Copy and the appropriate .plugin file into ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins (create if it does not exist):
    • For gedit 3.6 and earlier, copy necronomicon.plugin.python2 and rename to necronomicon.plugin.
    • For gedit 3.8 and later, copy necronomicon.plugin.
  3. Restart gedit, select Edit > Preferences (or gedit > Preferences on Mac), and enable the plugin in the Plugins tab.


The File > Recently Closed sub-menu contains the list of recently-closed files. To reopen one of these files, select the corresponding menu item.

Ctrl+Shift+O will also reopen the most recently closed file.


Inspired by:

  • Tabs extend by Éverton Ribeiro
  • the gedit recent files menu and External tools plugin


Copyright © 2013 Jeffery To

Available under GNU General Public License version 3

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