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Newline Madness, a plugin for gedit

Change newline type for the current document

All bug reports, feature requests and miscellaneous comments are welcome at the project issue tracker.


v0.2.0 and higher requires at least gedit 3.2. (Untested with gedit 3.0; it may work :-) )

gedit 2 users should use v0.1.0 (requires at least gedit 2.29.5).


  1. Download the source code (as zip or tar.gz) and extract.
  2. Copy the newline-madness folder and the appropriate .plugin file into ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins (create if it does not exist):
    • For gedit 3.6 and earlier, copy newline-madness.plugin.python2 and rename to newline-madness.plugin.
    • For gedit 3.8 and later, copy newline-madness.plugin.
  3. Restart gedit, select Edit > Preferences (or gedit > Preferences on Mac), and enable the plugin in the Plugins tab.


To select a newline type for the current document, either:

  • Select Edit > Change Line Endings; or
  • Click on the line ending selector in the statusbar, between the tab width selector and cursor position information.

Note that changing the newline type cannot be undone with Undo (yet).


Based in part on:

  • Auto Tab by Kristoffer Lundén and Lars Uebernickel
  • The gedit statusbar combo box widget


Copyright © 2010-2013 Jeffery To

Available under GNU General Public License version 3