A reference application built on Backbone, Marionette, and RequireJS
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Backbone Reference App

A reference application built on Backbone, Marionette, and RequireJS (and also SharePoint, but don't let that scare you away).

There's a double entendre here: it's a reference application in the sense that I'm releasing it to help other developers learn how to structure their applications; but it's also extracted from a whole product line of reference-type applications (phone directories, link pages, etc.) that I'm building for my company's intranet.

What This Is (and What It Isn't)

This is an example application, more complex than the many To-Do sample apps out there, but still simple enough for one developer to comprehend. I'm putting it out there as a resource.

This is not a finished application that you can drop in place and use as-is. You might be able to use it as a kind of boilerplate to jump-start your development, but it's not really done with that in mind. And it's not a library you'll want to build on top of.

I really mean for it to be primarily a learning resource. I learned a ton of stuff building it, but I also struggled at times because I couldn't find a resource like this. Hopefully I can smooth out the learning curve for someone else.

Requirements / Credits

This app is built on the shoulders of giants:

Other Resources

These are a few resources that I've found particularly helpful: