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Development roadmap


development phase 1: just generate some html files in a directory structure of index.html files

somewhat complete steps:

  • generate html pages, tag pages, category pages
  • basic uploading functionality with winscp
  • sitevars and config files [cleanup in progress]
  • flesh out config/admin a little more. need to name the folder structures here
  • clean up text content like footer text
  • category (and overall blog) descriptions [moved into admin/sitevars]
  • list categories and tags and show frequency (also have tags/ and categories/ pages to list all)
  • basic sitemap generation

last steps left to complete in phase 1:

  • remove my personal site-specific stuff (mostly done but not 100%)
  • short-term hook to call external tag libraries
  • fix snippets in general; look into making snippets expand into full text / keep this accessible tho
  • split out stylesheets (external to spect, really), make diff. categories diff. colors?
  • clean up code for redundancy / pythonicness / modularity / theoretically usable by other people
  • clean up variable names; look at python best practices
  • generate blank index.html files for any exposed folders (admin, scripts, styles)
  • reassess deleting outdated directories!
  • use tempfile for .spect files (i'm running on a dropbox folder and dbx is occasionally interfering)
  • ARIA tags and accessbility assessment
  • work on "front page" of website / possibly include images for recent posts if applicable; also probably I will want to makes some entries 'featured' and some never display on the front page. so like, "featured: featured" or "featured: never" could be entry options.


  • start tracking versions and start figuring out git amend commands :)
  • add a markdown hook for images, videos, and other stuff
  • add 'series' features to link together part 1, part 2, etc.
  • add 'published' status so that if i ever change the title, the URL will not change
  • begin to think through workflow like 'hey this seems to be a new post! publish?' and then auto-upload
  • also, work on 'date modified' type of metadata in case of revisions
  • and using full datestamps when applicable [imported data already has it]
  • begin to figure out how to modularize external sections of the site, e.g., archives
  • reassess google web fonts (though ultimately this design level stuff will not be part of spect)
  • registry of all pages and sections that are not in blog so that i can update them en masse
  • more head metadata / opengraph stuff maybe [partly complete]
  • stuff like 'blogposting' -- possibly in json-ld [partly complete]
  • more complicated templates like for my "harmonies" category
  • related posts, recent posts, prev/next links if desired
  • enumerate results pages; do more results (eg date/month)
  • more tumblr-type features (incl. youtubes and whatnot; embedding my own vids / gif-ify vids)
  • shrinkify most images and make them click-thru to full size [partly complete]
  • generate rss feed(s)
  • auto-post to twitter and then link to or embed in the pages (probably i'll add a 'twitter' tag to the markdowns)
  • more robust BACKUP features [stash it all on server?] --- requires a bit of thinking because i don't want duplicate copies of image files all over the place
  • better separation of content, presentation, and program
  • maybe slip in images for tag main pages (like, if in the folder)
  • tag synonyms
  • html validation?
  • rsync for windows?
  • sass integration, css minification
  • sitemap pings


  • a separate script to easily generate new .md files including dates, sections, etc. NB this part can resolve publication date issues
  • incorporate some kind of spellcheck and can stash a user dictionary on the server. see
  • look into other upload solutions for mac/linux (they should be pretty straightforward)
  • look at other social media apis --- facebook, diaspora*, google+, mastodon
  • link checking and analysis
  • link archiving??
  • tag suggestions????
  • markdown plugin to simplify code?
  • API for use of my data?


think about .htaccess and redirects; also 404s and all that

  • search functionality? [seems dumb / can use google / but maybe worth learning]
  • maybe do webmentions?
  • consider implementing comments. see
  • look into replacing some of the dependencies with more appropriate code?
  • consider python2 compliance
  • error checking / debugging
  • tag hierarchies / RDF style? VIAF? subject headings? --- this is kinda silly but an interesting idea and would be good for highlighting related posts
  • python standards for file arrangement, etc.


  • look into moving this joint onto the web? django/flask?
  • plugin/hook system?