A tool to manage project, user, and global Git hooks
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git-hooks - A tool to manage project, user, and global Git hooks for multiple git repositories.

git-hooks lets hooks be installed inside git repositories, users home directory, and globally.  When a hook is called by git, git-hooks will check each of these locations for the hooks to run.


Add git-hooks to your PATH environment variable so 'git hooks' can be run.

Run 'git hooks --install' Inside a git project to change that projects git hooks to use git-hooks hooks.  'git hooks --uninstall' can be run at any time to go back to the old hooks that were installed before (typically the default which does nothing).


Hooks can be very powerful and useful.  Some common hooks include:

- Spell check the commit message.
- Check that the code builds.
- Verify that any new files contain a copyright with the current year in it.

Hooks can be very project specific such as:

- Verify that the project still builds
- Verify that autotests matching the modified files still pass with no errors.
- Pre-populate the commit message with the 'standard' format.
- Verify that any new code follows the 'standard' coding style.

or very specific to one person such as:

- Don't allow a push to a remote repository after 1am in case I break something and will be asleep.
- Don't let me commit between 9-5 for projects in ~/personal/ as I shouldn't be working on them during work hours.

For more details on the different Git hooks that can be installed checkout the online documentation at http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/githooks.html


git-hooks provide a way to manage and share your hooks by allowing for the installation of hooks in three locations:
 - User hooks that are installed in ~/.git_hooks/
 - Project hooks that are installed in the git_hooks directory inside of each project.
 - Global hooks that are specified with the hooks.global configuration option.
     The contrib directory includes a number of useful hooks and can be set by doing the following:
     git config --global hooks.global $PWD/contrib/

Multiple global hooks directories can be specified by using a space between each path.

Creating hooks

To keep things organized git-hooks looks for scripts in sub directories named after the git hook name.  For example this project has the following pre-commit script in the following location:


When you run 'git hooks' with no arguments it will list all of the hooks installed on the system.  It will run the hooks with the --about argument to generate the description that is shown.  Checkout the hooks in contrib for some examples.