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;;; jg-quicknav.el --- Quickly navigate the file system to find a file.

;; Copyright (C) 2013-2015 Jeff Gran

;; Author: Jeff Gran <>
;; URL:
;; Created: 3 Mar 2013
;; Keywords: navigation
;; Version: 1.4.0
;; Package-Requires: ((s "1.9.0") (cl-lib "0.5"))

;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.

;;; Commentary:

;; A quick file-finder for emacs. Navigate up and down directories to find a file.
;; Like ido-find-file, lusty-explorer, helm/anything, etc. But none of them
;; did quite what I wanted so I created this. The goal is to navigate the file
;; system as fast as possible. Like a much faster way of doing the...
;;  1. cd <foo>
;;  2. ls
;;  3. goto 1
;;  4. <open file>
;;  ...loop in the shell.
;; Usage: - assign `jg-quicknav' to a key, and use it.
;;        - buffer will show you the directory listing for the current default directory
;;          (reminder: if you're in a file buffer, that will be the directory
;;          that file is in. If you're in shell-mode, eshell, ansi-term, dired, etc,
;;          that will be the correct current directory).
;;        - type some letters to filter down the results. C-n and C-p to change selection
;;        - RET on a file to open the file, or RET on a directory to `jg-quicknav' that dir.
;;        - C-, to go "up a directory", after which you can go "forward" with C-.
;;        - Drop into dired with C-/
;;        - I tried to make it easy to rebind the bindings. I rebind everything all the time
;;          so I was sure others would not like my key choices. see below.
;; You'll likely want to change some of the key bindings. Just redefine the keys
;; on jg-quicknav-mode-map. For example, if you use C-n for something else and want
;; to move up and down lines while navigating with M-n instead, use this:
;; (define-key jg-quicknav-mode-map (kbd "C-n") nil)
;; (define-key jg-quicknav-mode-map (kbd "M-n") 'jg-quicknav-next)
;; - better support for dirs with many files in them
;;   - ensure-cursor-visible or something in case selection is off the screen
;;   - also page-down and page-up support for long lists
;;   - maybe add an option to toggle showing only files/only dirs?
;; - shell-mode plugin to "cd" to a directory chosen via jgqn?
;; - secondary-highlight for previous dir after going 'updir'
;; - different face/color for executables? or just the "*"?
;;   - and different face for file extensions? (just like dired+)
;; - add a jg-quick-buffer-switcher too?

;;; History:

;; 2013-03-03 Initial release v 1.0.0
;; 2013-03-03 v 1.0.1
;;            - use overriding-local-map in minibuffer to make sure
;;              the jgqn keys override other minor modes during navigation
;;            - bugfix: clear out "history" in between sessions
;; 2013-03-05 v 1.1.0
;;            - fixed weirdness when going "back" when already at the root directory
;;            - added `jg-quicknav-find-file' -- key command to open a buffer for a new file
;;              with the contents of the minibuffer as the filename, in the same directory
;;              currently being shown
;;            - added `jg-quicknav-dired' -- key command to drop into dired in the same directory
;;              currently being shown
;; 2013-03-09 v 1.1.1
;;            - fixed bug: opening multiple files of the same name doesn't work
;;            - fixed bug: doesn't show / when / is the jg-quicknav-default-dir
;;            - fixed bug: use save-window-excursion instead of delete-window when session
;;              ends. this ensures your window configuration will look the same before and
;;              after the jgqn session
;;            - fixed bug: when updating results, clamp the selection index to the number
;;               of results so it doesn't disappear off the end
;; 2013-03-23 v 1.2.0
;;            - added jg-quicknav-dired. use it to fuzzy-filter a dired buffer
;;            - added (and made default) different behavior for C-g. Now it will clear the
;;              minibuffer input (if any) the first time you press it, and then quit the
;;              quicknav session the second time. To go back to previous behavior (C-g
;;              always quits), set "C-g" to 'jg-quicknav-minibuffer-exit instead of
;;              'jg-quicknav-minibuffer-clear-then-exit in the jg-quicknav-mode-map
;; 2013-03-29 v 1.2.1
;;            - fixed small annoyance: if you narrow to zero results then delete,
;;              clamp selection index to 1 otherwise it disappears until you move it again.
;; 2013-04-14 v 1.3.0
;;            - Now works remotely! You must be using tramp. This means that if you are
;;              visiting a remote file, or if you are in an ssh shell backed by tramp,
;;              you can use jg-quicknav and it will show the listing of the corresponding
;;              remote directory.
;;            - fixed annoying blinking selection line when list is empty
;; 2013-04-28 v 1.3.1
;;            - fixed bug: dir with space in name results in error. wrap `cd` command in quotes.
;; 2014-09-12 v 1.3.2
;;            - fixed bug: use expand-file-name so we always start with a full absolute path
;;            - fixed bug: concat pwd when visiting file so two files in different directories
;;              with the same name don't get confused.
;; 2015-02-11 v 1.4.0
;;            - no new code, just renamed a bunch of functions for melpa compliance.
;;              - everything now prefixed with jg-quicknav- (previously some were jgqn-)
;;              - prefixed stolen functions too, to prevent conflicts.
;;              - internal-only functions prefixed with jg-quicknav--
;; 2015-02-16 v 1.4.1
;;            - add (require 'tramp) to make sure tramp is loaded. doesn't work without it.


Emacs Lisp package to quickly navigate and find a file.






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