Argonne 1-sided (A1)
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Argonne 1-sided (A1)


A1 is a completely rewritten implementation of ARMCI-like one-sided communication, i.e. an alternative runtime system for Global Arrays.

Goals of the project

  • low-latency/high-bandwidth
  • scalability to at least one million processes
  • thread-safety
  • modular design ala MPICH
  • interoperability with MPI
  • software quality (readable, documented source code and robust build system)
  • productive interaction with vendors


The Blue Gene/P implementation over DCMF was essentially complete when we transitioned away from this project in favor of more adventurous projects like MPI-3 and OSPRI.


Jeff Hammond, Sreeram Potluri and Pavan Balaji worked on this project from 2010 to 2012.