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@jeffheaton jeffheaton released this Aug 30, 2017 · 17 commits to master since this release

Added RELU, ADAM training and several other options for deep learning. Some genetic programming enhancements as well.

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@jeffheaton jeffheaton released this Oct 12, 2014 · 348 commits to master since this release

#181 BasicNetwork.reset() vs basicNetwork.reset(int) Bug
#171 Missing "postIterations()" call in SCG training "iteration()" method. Bug?
Also added first version of EncogModel

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@jeffheaton jeffheaton released this Jan 12, 2014 · 396 commits to master since this release

Encog 3.2 added genetic programming. This prompted a rewrite of the genetic machine learning algorithm, NEAT and the addition of HyperNEAT. Additionally, code generation was added for Java, Ninjatrader & MT4. Specific issues included in this release are listed here.

#163: testTemporal fails (and so does mvn package)
#162: Train Type for RBF "svd" should be "rbf-svd"
#160: Recurrent freeform networks are broken (NullPointerException)
#159: Predicting values with TemporalMLDataSet?
#158: PNN/GRNN regression in Encog Analyst does not finish training
#157: Please have a look, if this is a bug in
#156: Question for (Bug?)
#155: Bug in
#154: Issue with Image downsampling
#149: Workbench: Tab remains "dirty" after training
#148: MutatePerturb.performOperation calculation is not correct
#146: Workbench: NEAT training panel does not repaint (exception)
#145: Workbench: Analyst generates C# code that doesn't compile
#143: Workbench: Missing "task-balance" option in combo
#142: Workbench: Empty countPer in .ega
#141: Add online training to Encog
#136: Copy-paste error in ActivationGaussian
#125: Encog Analyst Query window with limited entries
#124: Performance improvements
#123: FoldedDataSet sizes
#121: Persist fix - fixes activation function and limited network persistence
#114: Realtime Analyist Wizard Source Fields
#111: RandomTrainingFactory.generate() produces values out of given range
#106: Problem in the Training Algorithm ScaledConjugateGradient
#101: Workbench: missing combo in "Evaluate method" dialog
#98: Workbench: forgotten old dependency in pom.xml
#84: Possible parsing problem
#67: Allow trainers to be serializable
#55: Workbench: Wrong training set preselected
#43: Workbench: add "Select all" button to Scatter Plot dialog
#40: Workbench: save log level

Assets 5
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