Simple Java JNA example with a Maven build script.
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Simple Java JNA Example with a Maven Build Script.

I create this project as a JNA quick start. More information at my blog post.

Window, hwnd:native@0x1014a, total 1 Title: G
Window, hwnd:native@0x1021c, total 2 Title: Battery Meter
Window, hwnd:native@0x10280, total 3 Title: Network Flyout
Window, hwnd:native@0x10500, total 4 Title: HardwareMonitorWindow
Window, hwnd:native@0x4037a, total 5 Title: HardwareMonitorWindow
Window, hwnd:native@0x605cc, total 6 Title: Command Prompt - java  -jar jna-example-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar
Window, hwnd:native@0x50262, total 7 Title: jeffheaton/jna-example: A simple JNA example with Maven build script - Google Chrome
Window, hwnd:native@0x60714, total 8 Title: projects
Window, hwnd:native@0xb0600, total 9 Title: C:\Users\jheaton\projects\jna-example\src\test\java\org\jeffheaton\jna-example\ - Notepad++
Window, hwnd:native@0x305f2, total 10 Title: rgare
Window, hwnd:native@0x107ce, total 11 Title: Progress
Window, hwnd:native@0x107c8, total 12 Title: G
Window, hwnd:native@0x3066c, total 13 Title: OutlookFbThreadWnd
Window, hwnd:native@0x50540, total 14 Title: Number of unread items in this folder
Window, hwnd:native@0x1042a, total 15 Title: Inbox - - Outlook
Window, hwnd:native@0x20576, total 16 Title: Word
Window, hwnd:native@0x50534, total 17 Title: WMS ST Notif Window 0000247C 00002A7C
Window, hwnd:native@0x204e0, total 18 Title: Outlook Send/Receive Progress
Window, hwnd:native@0x204f6, total 19 Title: DDE Server Window
Window, hwnd:native@0x700d8, total 20 Title: WISPTIS
Window, hwnd:native@0x80510, total 21 Title: WMS ST Notif Window 00002120 000020BC
Window, hwnd:native@0x4026a, total 22 Title: G
Window, hwnd:native@0x40048, total 23 Title: OfficePowerManagerWindow
Window, hwnd:native@0x104ee, total 24 Title: V
Window, hwnd:native@0x20468, total 25 Title: T
Window, hwnd:native@0x104ec, total 26 Title: Microsoft Outlook Social Connector
Window, hwnd:native@0x3031a, total 27 Title: AdxTaskPane
Window, hwnd:native@0x104da, total 28 Title: FolderViewServiceForm
Window, hwnd:native@0x104d8, total 29 Title: AdxTaskPane
Window, hwnd:native@0x104d4, total 30 Title: ReadingPaneServiceForm
Window, hwnd:native@0x30224, total 31 Title: Cisco ViewMail for Outlook Add-In_{62e65727-15dd-444f-b1a9-ea58b91c6184}
Window, hwnd:native@0x30236, total 32 Title: .NET-BroadcastEventWindow.
Window, hwnd:native@0x10492, total 33 Title: crash service
Window, hwnd:native@0x2048a, total 34 Title: Phish Alert_{5cb25b73-0cb5-4b46-8d77-f504402449b5}
Window, hwnd:native@0x1048c, total 35 Title: .NET-BroadcastEventWindow.
Window, hwnd:native@0x203b4, total 36 Title: GpgOLResponder
Window, hwnd:native@0x1049a, total 37 Title: Slack - RGA Enterprise Services Company
Window, hwnd:native@0x20436, total 38 Title: WMS ST Notif Window 0000247C 00002480
Window, hwnd:native@0x10426, total 39 Title: W
Window, hwnd:native@0x203ca, total 40 Title: OfficePowerManagerWindow
Window, hwnd:native@0x6027c, total 41 Title: G
Window, hwnd:native@0x203fe, total 42 Title: Microsoft Outlook
Window, hwnd:native@0x203da, total 43 Title: .NET-BroadcastEventWindow.
Window, hwnd:native@0x103d6, total 44 Title: G
Window, hwnd:native@0x103aa, total 45 Title: .NET-BroadcastEventWindow.
Window, hwnd:native@0x103a8, total 46 Title: MediaContextNotificationWindow
Window, hwnd:native@0x103a4, total 47 Title: SystemResourceNotifyWindow
Window, hwnd:native@0x102fc, total 48 Title: Skype for Business
Window, hwnd:native@0x1039e, total 49 Title: PPP Client Console
Window, hwnd:native@0x60370, total 50 Title: Printer Installer Client Interface
Window, hwnd:native@0x60320, total 51 Title: Rtc Video PnP Listener
Window, hwnd:native@0x70322, total 52 Title: CUccMediaDeviceManager
Window, hwnd:native@0x10304, total 53 Title: W
Window, hwnd:native@0x202f8, total 54 Title: OfficePowerManagerWindow
Window, hwnd:native@0x3023e, total 55 Title: G
Window, hwnd:native@0x30250, total 56 Title: LogCheckerHiddenRootWindow_ETL
Window, hwnd:native@0x30258, total 57 Title: LogCheckerLogRolloverHandlerHiddenWindow
Window, hwnd:native@0x102ea, total 58 Title: C:\Program Files\Box\Box Sync\BoxSyncMonitor.exe
Window, hwnd:native@0x301be, total 59 Title: Box Sync
Window, hwnd:native@0x702ae, total 60 Title: G
Window, hwnd:native@0x602c2, total 61 Title: .NET-BroadcastEventWindow.
Window, hwnd:native@0x102b0, total 62 Title: Realtek HD Audio Background Process for Vista
Window, hwnd:native@0x102aa, total 63 Title: G
Window, hwnd:native@0x402a6, total 64 Title: Realtek HD Audio New CPL background window
Window, hwnd:native@0x1029e, total 65 Title: CVenderSpecSetting
Window, hwnd:native@0x201f0, total 66 Title: ViennaSettingUI
Window, hwnd:native@0x10294, total 67 Title: Realtek HD Audio New GUI
Window, hwnd:native@0x10292, total 68 Title: Animate Manager
Window, hwnd:native@0x10290, total 69 Title: RTK TRAYICON
Window, hwnd:native@0x1028e, total 70 Title: AudioEngine For Realtek HD Audio New GUI
Window, hwnd:native@0x30260, total 71 Title: RTK AUDIO DRIVER EVENT MGR
Window, hwnd:native@0x5025a, total 72 Title: MS_WebcheckMonitor
Window, hwnd:native@0x10212, total 73 Title: DDE Server Window
Window, hwnd:native@0x101c8, total 74 Title: HotKey Listener
Window, hwnd:native@0x10170, total 75 Title: DDE Server Window
Window, hwnd:native@0x10122, total 76 Title: EXPLORER
Window, hwnd:native@0x20032, total 77 Title: .NET-BroadcastEventWindow.
Window, hwnd:native@0x5006c, total 78 Title: BluetoothNotificationAreaIconWindowClass
Window, hwnd:native@0x1008c, total 79 Title: Windows Push Notifications Platform
Window, hwnd:native@0x2001a, total 80 Title: Task Host Window
Window, hwnd:native@0x10040, total 81 Title: DWM Notification Window
Window, hwnd:native@0x101ba, total 82 Title: igfxtrayWindow
Window, hwnd:native@0x104d2, total 83 Title: ADXOlReceiverWindowCaption
Window, hwnd:native@0x10142, total 84 Title: Program Manager
Window, hwnd:native@0x1014e, total 85 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x101ac, total 86 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x10136, total 87 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x100c4, total 88 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x10232, total 89 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x203c2, total 90 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x103dc, total 91 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x106ea, total 92 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x106cc, total 93 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x806fe, total 94 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x6053e, total 95 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x2072c, total 96 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x706fc, total 97 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x10630, total 98 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x405c6, total 99 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x30206, total 100 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x205fa, total 101 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x407b8, total 102 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x107d0, total 103 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x107cc, total 104 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0xa06f8, total 105 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x606d6, total 106 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x80608, total 107 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x403f8, total 108 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x10164, total 109 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x30564, total 110 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x1044a, total 111 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x2041a, total 112 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x1053a, total 113 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x2053c, total 114 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x80062, total 115 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x104aa, total 116 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x10494, total 117 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x1047c, total 118 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x20130, total 119 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x10480, total 120 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x303d8, total 121 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x103a6, total 122 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x2034c, total 123 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x202e6, total 124 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x10388, total 125 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x102ec, total 126 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x102e0, total 127 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x50068, total 128 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0xc02c4, total 129 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x102b2, total 130 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x102ac, total 131 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x30256, total 132 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x1024a, total 133 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x10216, total 134 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x101de, total 135 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x101ca, total 136 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x1013e, total 137 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x10124, total 138 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x200e4, total 139 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x10096, total 140 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x20092, total 141 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x1008e, total 142 Title: Default IME
Window, hwnd:native@0x1015c, total 143 Title: MSCTFIME UI
Window, hwnd:native@0x100aa, total 144 Title: Default IME