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Pulse - Heartbeat API Example Plugin

What is Pulse?

Pulse by Jeffikus is an example plugin for the Heartbeat API! It is a starting point for building your Heartbeat functionality into your WordPress powered application or plugin.

The plugin basically does the following:

  • Outputs console data for a logged in user - the object will state that the user is logged in - Console Screenshot
  • Outputs console data for a non logged in user - the object will state that the user is not logged in - Console Screenshot

Why on Github and not WordPress.org

WordPress.org is where your finished plugins should go (assuming they are free) - while this plugin doesn't actually perform any function or add value on its own - you need to make the magic happen :-)

The main reason for hosting it on Github is so you can easily fork it for your own projects, and send pull requests for updates/suggestions!

What can I do with Heartbeat?

There are loads of possibilities;

  • Chat applications,
  • Notifications on the frontend,
  • Manipulation of the DOM based on events happening in the CMS backend,
  • And generally all types of (near) real-time functionality.

How did you learn about this?

Credit must go to the following sites and people for making resources available: