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collection name should not necessary be based on class name #76

nsteinmetz opened this Issue · 2 comments

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If I understood well, the collection name is based on the class name. Which may make sense most of the time but I would have prefered them not to be tied. If you want to reuse some code throught several applications, it may be better to set collections on your own and not automatically.

For this, I think that MongoKit have a nice way to implement it :

class BlogPost(Document):
    __collection__ = 'blog_posts'
    __database__ = 'tutorial
    structure = {
            'tags': [unicode],
    required_fields = ['title','author', 'date_creation']
    default_values = {'rank':0, 'date_creation':datetime.datetime.utcnow}

Would it be possible in MongoAlchemy (which I find more complete for other stuff and with Flask-MongoAlchemy ;-) )?


Ok, thanks and sorry for the late answer !

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