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Javascript update docs for tooltips, based on @fat's feedback.
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2 parents e8f1a10 + 407ca09 commit b0bd3efc4a5fba45020541115ec21ae7574442c7 @fat fat committed Feb 8, 2012
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@@ -169,6 +169,13 @@
<div class="alert alert-info">
<strong>{{_i}}Heads up!{{/i}}</strong> {{_i}}We're rewritten just about everything for our plugins, so head on over to <a href="./javascript.html">the Javascript page</a> to learn more.{{/i}}
+ <h3>{{_i}}Tooltips{{/i}}</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>{{_i}}The plugin method has been renamed from <code>twipsy()</code> to <code>tooltip()</code>, and the class name changed from <code>twipsy</code> to <code>tooltip</code>.{{/i}}</li>
+ <li>{{_i}}The <code>placement</code> option value that was <code>below</code> is now <code>bottom</code>, and <code>above</code> is now <code>top</code>.{{/i}}</li>
+ <li>{{_i}}The <code>animate</code> option was renamed to <code>animation</code>.{{/i}}</li>
+ <li>{{_i}}The <code>html</code> option was removed, as the tooltips default to allowing HTML now.{{/i}}</li>
+ </ul>
<li>{{_i}}Child elements now properly namespaced: <code>.title</code> to <code>.popover-title</code>, <code>.inner</code> to <code>.popover-inner</code>, and <code>.content</code> to <code>.popover-content</code>.{{/i}}</li>

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