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The broccoli-postcss-single plugin runs your css through postcss plugins of your choosing.


npm install --save-dev broccoli-postcss-single


var compileCSS = require('broccoli-postcss-single');

var outputTree = compileCSS(inputTrees, inputFile, outputFile, options);
  • inputTrees: An array of trees that specify the directories used by Broccoli. If you have a single tree, pass [tree].

  • inputFile: Relative path of the main CSS file to process.

  • outputFile: Relative path of the output CSS file.

  • options:

  • plugins: An array of plugin objects to be used by Postcss (a minimum of 1 plugin is required). The supported object format is module: the plugin module itself, and options: an object of supported options for the given plugin.

There are two supported methods for defining plugins:

  1. Object form

    plugins: [
        module: require('some-plugin'),
        options: { /* options for `some-plugin` */ }
  2. Function form

    plugins: [
      require('some-plugin')({ /* options for `some-plugin` */ }),
      require('another-plugin')({ /* options for `another-plugin` */ }),
  • map: An object of options to describe how Postcss should handle source maps.

  • browsers: An array of supported browsers following the browserslist format. These will be passed to the options of each postcss plugin. This can be overridden on a per plugin basis.

  • parser: A function that parses different CSS syntax (optional). Use this if you’d like to parse a different syntax, such as Sass or Sugarcss, by passing in a custom function or node module reference.


/* Brocfile.js */
var compileCSS = require('broccoli-postcss-single');
var cssnext = require('cssnext');

var options = {
    plugins: [
            module: cssnext,
            options: {
                browsers: [ // this will override `options.browsers`
                    '> 1%',
                    'last 2 versions'
    map: {
        inline: true
    browsers: ['last 2 version']

var outputTree = compileCSS(['styles'], 'app.css', 'app.css', options);
module.exports = outputTree;