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mbta bus plotter using google app engine
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MBTA Bus Plotter

Plots bus routes and locations, runs on google app engine

Live at

    - show a default set of routes,78,72
    - show specific routes
    - show all routes
     - very slow, may crash your browser,78,72&shading=true
    - shade and size routes by the number of buses currently on them
    - ideally we'd merge sections over the same area so we could size
      them properly, but we don't
      - the shared portions of routes will be underemphasized,78,72&buses=true
    - show buses   

  click on a route to show the buses on it

  click on it again (at least 45sec later) to update bus locations

  - makes xml requests to the nextbus web service and
    caches the results.  It serves index.html in response to most
    requests and json answers to requests for Paths or Buses.

  - index.html runs javascript with jquery to load the map, add the
    buses as markers, and add the paths as polylines.  It gets it's
    data by requesting json from Paths or Buses like this:
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