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These are some scripts for manipulating my website

They're probably only useful to others as examples; they're pretty
tied to the layout of my site.

Licensing: GNU GPL 2 or later

python view
 - shows a pretty table of upcoming events add
 - add an event ical
 - update the ical feed
 - might want to call this after manual editing or running add

In general add is just for convenience; if you need to edit you should
open it up in a text editor
This was named when all it did was make an rss feed.  Now it also
builds a large number of static html pages.

 - updates rss feed
 - updates public_html/news/

Run this as wsgi.  It needs a facebook app created for it, and it will
only pull comments from your user account.  To get a token use:

    python fbtoken

The other half of this is included as javascript on each of my blog
posts.  To see the latest of that, visit:

And look down to the script that begins after <div id="comments">