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User manual for Jeff Kloythanomsup

Table of contents


My top skills

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Linux and LAMP administration tasks
  3. Terraform (mainly ~<0.11)
  4. Kubernetes
  5. Python for systems administration
  6. Bash scripting
  7. CI/CD pipelines for CircleCI and Travis CI

See my resume.

My style

I am a person who works well alone, as well as with others. Ideally, I'd like to be part of a team that allows for independence in regards to project tasks, but still connected socially - through Slack or text or occasional video calls. I have grown very fond of the kanban board over the years, and enjoy the organization of projects in that manner.

What I value

I value a social team - I'm always up for talking abuot nonsense. However, I totally value management that are hands-off.

What I don’t have patience for

Though I try my best to accommodate everyone, I feel that I don't have patience for complex questions. Break it down piece-by-piece for me, please!

How to best communicate with me

Slack. It gives me time to elaborate on my answers.

How to help me

The best things for me are documentation, with code examples.

What people misunderstand about me

I rarely have bad moods, but I am sarcastic and direct. In my past, there have been a very few number of occasions in which people thought I was being harsh to them, but I was simply being direct. I am not rude, but if I tell you to do something a certain way, it's definitely with merit.