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Ruby programmer, making apps at Fingertips in Amsterdam
CSS Ruby
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_articles Remove the renamed git-flow article
archive Add the "hide" metadata option
comments Update the comment demo page
contact Render the title and date from the layouts
css Update style.css
images Update gitflow.png
js Switch to Zepto and rewrite search
lib redesign again, added mobypicture background autofetch
projects Add the project pages
search Move Zepto to <head> and fix the search result <title>
.gitignore Remove css/style.css from .gitignore
.htaccess Add the /navvy 301
.kick Fix indenting in the .kick file. ugh
.ruby-version Add .ruby-version
404.html Remove the Jekyll header from 404.html
Gemfile Add Gemfile
Gemfile.lock Update Dracula
Intro.woff Add the new design
OpenSans-Bold.woff Add the new design Update the README
Rakefile Set up a redirect for the feed
_article.html.erb Add _article.html.erb
_config.yml Add the S3 update rake task
_layout.html.erb Use /feed.xml instead of FeedPress
_metadata.yml Render the title and date from the layouts
feed.xml.erb Add the "hide" metadata option
feedpress.xml.erb symlink feedpress.xml to feed.xml
google3075cb0ea738c01d.html added google site verification file
index.html.erb Popular articles
sitemap.xml.erb Add sitemap.xml.erb

My personal blog. Check it out! :D

Using the source

I open sourced my blog to help others out getting their own Jekyll blog up and running and allowing others to fork it and correct stuff (or even write guest articles).

This means you can use it for whatever you want, but please be nice:

  • Don't publish my content. It's mine. Write your own.
  • Remove Disqus, Tapir and Wufoo. I don't want your comments or contact e-mails and you don't want my blog search results.
  • Don't serve my ads.
  • Remove my analytics code, I don't want to track your page views.
  • If you decide to use my design, be nice and link back.
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