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*numbertoggle.txt* (auto-)toggeling for Vim line numbers
Author: Jeff Kreeftmeijer <>
INTRODUCTION *numbertoggle*
While Vim's relativenumber option is great, you probably don't want to use it
all the time. numbertoggle allows you to quickly toggle between relative and
absolute line numbers and cleverly switches when when focus is lost or gained
or when switching between normal and insert mode.
TRIGGER *numbertoggle-trigger*
NumberToggle sets up <C-n> to toggle from absolute to relative line numbers by
default, but you can set up another trigger if you prefer. If you want to
toggle using <F2>, for example, put this into your ~/.vimrc file:
let g:NumberToggleTrigger="<F2>"
ABOUT *numbertoggle-about*
Grab the latest version or report a bug on GitHub:
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