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+*numbertoggle.txt* (auto-)toggeling for Vim line numbers
+Author: Jeff Kreeftmeijer <>
+INTRODUCTION *numbertoggle*
+While Vim's relativenumber option is great, you probably don't want to use it
+all the time. numbertoggle allows you to quickly toggle between relative and
+absolute line numbers and cleverly switches when when focus is lost or gained
+or when switching between normal and insert mode.
+TRIGGER *numbertoggle-trigger*
+NumberToggle sets up <C-n> to toggle from absolute to relative line numbers by
+default, but you can set up another trigger if you prefer. If you want to
+toggle using <F2>, for example, put this into your ~/.vimrc file:
+ let g:NumberToggleTrigger="<F2>"
+ABOUT *numbertoggle-about*
+Grab the latest version or report a bug on GitHub:
+ vim:tw=78:et:ft=help:norl:

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