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use strict;
use warnings;
use FindBin;
use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";
use Getopt::Long;
use Slic3r;
use XXX;
our %opt;
'help' => sub { usage() },
'debug' => \$Slic3r::debug,
'o|output=s' => \$opt{output},
'close-after-slicing' => \$opt{close_after_slicing},
'save=s' => \$opt{save},
'load=s' => \$opt{load},
# printer options
'nozzle-diameter=f' => \$Slic3r::nozzle_diameter,
'print-center=s' => \$Slic3r::print_center,
'use-relative-e-distances' => \$Slic3r::use_relative_e_distances,
'no-extrusion' => \$Slic3r::no_extrusion,
'z-offset=f' => \$Slic3r::z_offset,
'gcode-arcs' => \$Slic3r::gcode_arcs,
'g0' => \$Slic3r::g0,
# filament options
'filament-diameter=f' => \$Slic3r::filament_diameter,
'extrusion-multiplier=f' => \$Slic3r::extrusion_multiplier,
'temperature=i' => \$Slic3r::temperature,
# speed options
'print-feed-rate=i' => \$Slic3r::print_feed_rate,
'travel-feed-rate=i' => \$Slic3r::travel_feed_rate,
'perimeter-feed-rate=i' => \$Slic3r::perimeter_feed_rate,
'bottom-layer-speed-ratio=f' => \$Slic3r::bottom_layer_speed_ratio,
# accuracy options
'layer-height=f' => \$Slic3r::layer_height,
'extrusion-width-ratio=f' => \$Slic3r::extrusion_width_ratio,
'first-layer-height-ratio=f' => \$Slic3r::first_layer_height_ratio,
'infill-every-layers=i' => \$Slic3r::infill_every_layers,
# print options
'perimeters=i' => \$Slic3r::perimeters,
'solid-layers=i' => \$Slic3r::solid_layers,
'fill-pattern=s' => \$Slic3r::fill_pattern,
'solid-fill-pattern=s' => \$Slic3r::solid_fill_pattern,
'fill-density=f' => \$Slic3r::fill_density,
'fill-angle=i' => \$Slic3r::fill_angle,
'start-gcode=s' => \$opt{start_gcode},
'end-gcode=s' => \$opt{end_gcode},
# retraction options
'retract-length=f' => \$Slic3r::retract_length,
'retract-speed=i' => \$Slic3r::retract_speed,
'retract-restart-extra=f' => \$Slic3r::retract_restart_extra,
'retract-before-travel=f' => \$Slic3r::retract_before_travel,
'retract-lift=f' => \$Slic3r::retract_lift,
# skirt options
'skirts=i' => \$Slic3r::skirts,
'skirt-distance=i' => \$Slic3r::skirt_distance,
'skirt-height=i' => \$Slic3r::skirt_height,
# transform options
'scale=f' => \$Slic3r::scale,
'rotate=i' => \$Slic3r::rotate,
'duplicate-x=i' => \$Slic3r::duplicate_x,
'duplicate-y=i' => \$Slic3r::duplicate_y,
'duplicate-distance=i' => \$Slic3r::duplicate_distance,
) or usage(1);
# load configuration
if ($opt{load}) {
-e $opt{load} or die "Cannot find specified configuration file.\n";
# validate command line options
# validate configuration
# save configuration
Slic3r::Config->save($opt{save}) if $opt{save};
# start GUI
if (!@ARGV && !$opt{save} && eval "require Slic3r::GUI; 1") {
if ($ARGV[0]) {
# skein
my $input_file = $ARGV[0];
my $skein = Slic3r::Skein->new(
input_file => $input_file,
output_file => $opt{output},
} else {
usage(1) unless $opt{save};
sub usage {
my ($exit_code) = @_;
print <<"EOF";
Slic3r $Slic3r::VERSION is a STL-to-GCODE translator for RepRap 3D printers
written by Alessandro Ranellucci <aar\> -
Usage: [ OPTIONS ] file.stl
--help Output this usage screen and exit
--save <file> Save configuration to the specified file
--load <file> Load configuration from the specified file
-o, --output File to output gcode to (default: <inputfile>.gcode)
Printer options:
--nozzle-diameter Diameter of nozzle in mm (default: $Slic3r::nozzle_diameter)
--print-center Coordinates of the point to center the print around
(default: $Slic3r::print_center->[0],$Slic3r::print_center->[1])
Use relative distances for extrusion in GCODE output
--no-extrusion Do not output any E value in GCODE
--z-offset Additional height in mm to add to vertical coordinates
(+/-, default: $Slic3r::z_offset)
--gcode-arcs Use G2/G3 commands for native arcs (experimental, not supported
by all firmwares)
--g0 Use G0 commands for retraction (experimenta, not supported by all
Filament options:
--filament-diameter Diameter in mm of your raw filament (default: $Slic3r::filament_diameter)
Change this to alter the amount of plastic extruded. There should be very little
need to change this value, which is only useful to compensate for
filament packing (default: $Slic3r::extrusion_multiplier)
--temperature Extrusion temperature, set 0 to disable (default: $Slic3r::temperature)
Speed options:
--print-feed-rate Speed of print moves in mm/sec (default: $Slic3r::print_feed_rate)
--travel-feed-rate Speed of non-print moves in mm/sec (default: $Slic3r::travel_feed_rate)
Speed of print moves for perimeters in mm/sec (default: $Slic3r::print_feed_rate)
Factor to increase/decrease speeds on bottom
layer by (default: $Slic3r::bottom_layer_speed_ratio)
Accuracy options:
--layer-height Layer height in mm (default: $Slic3r::layer_height)
Multiplication factor for the height to slice and print the first
layer with (> 0, default: $Slic3r::first_layer_height_ratio)
Infill every N layers (default: $Slic3r::infill_every_layers)
Calculate the extrusion width as the layer height multiplied by
this value (> 0, default: calculated automatically)
Print options:
--perimeters Number of perimeters/horizontal skins (range: 1+,
default: $Slic3r::perimeters)
--solid-layers Number of solid layers to do for top/bottom surfaces
(range: 1+, default: $Slic3r::solid_layers)
--fill-density Infill density (range: 0-1, default: $Slic3r::fill_density)
--fill-angle Infill angle in degrees (range: 0-90, default: $Slic3r::fill_angle)
--fill-pattern Pattern to use to fill non-solid layers (default: $Slic3r::fill_pattern)
--solid-fill-pattern Pattern to use to fill solid layers (default: $Slic3r::solid_fill_pattern)
--start-gcode Load initial gcode from the supplied file. This will overwrite
the default command (home all axes [G28]).
--end-gcode Load final gcode from the supplied file. This will overwrite
the default commands (turn off temperature [M104 S0],
home X axis [G28 X], disable motors [M84]).
Retraction options:
--retract-length Length of retraction in mm when pausing extrusion
(default: $Slic3r::retract_length)
--retract-speed Speed for retraction in mm/sec (default: $Slic3r::retract_speed)
Additional amount of filament in mm to push after
compensating retraction (default: $Slic3r::retract_restart_extra)
Only retract before travel moves of this length (default: $Slic3r::retract_before_travel)
--retract-lift Lift Z by the given distance in mm when retracting (default: $Slic3r::retract_lift)
Skirt options:
--skirts Number of skirts to draw (default: $Slic3r::skirts)
--skirt-distance Distance in mm between innermost skirt and object
(default: $Slic3r::skirt_distance)
--skirt-height Height of skirts to draw (expressed in layers, default: $Slic3r::skirt_height)
Transform options:
--scale Factor for scaling input object (default: $Slic3r::scale)
--rotate Rotation angle in degrees (0-360, default: $Slic3r::rotate)
--duplicate-x Number of items along X axis (1+, default: $Slic3r::duplicate_x)
--duplicate-y Number of items along Y axis (1+, default: $Slic3r::duplicate_y)
--duplicate-distance Distance in mm between copies (default: $Slic3r::duplicate_distance)
exit ($exit_code || 0);
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