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Ruby implementation of cycle detection in a directed graph using depth-first-search written for Ohio State's CSE 680 course
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Author:  Jeffrey Lembeck
Class:  CSE 680
Assignment: HW 6
Date Due: 5/16/10

To Run:
	ruby main.rb file
	where file is the folder/file structure where the test file is, example:  ruby main.rb data/cyc1

Detect Cycle in a Directed Graph

function detect_cycle(G)
/* return True if directed graph G contains a cycle */
1.  for each vertex vi of G do
2.		G.V[i].mark <- not-visited;
3.	time <- 0;
4.	for each vertex vi of G do
5.		if (G.V[i].mark) = not-visited) then
6.			G.V[i].parent <- -1;
7.			dfs_order(G,i,time);
8.	for each edge(vi,vj) of G do
9.		if (G.V[i].discover_time > G.V[j].discover_time and G.V[i].finish_time < G.V[j].finish_time) then
10.			return true
11. return false

Depth First Search - Preorder/Postorder

procedure dfs_order(G, i, alters time)
/*depth first search from vertex vi */
/* label visited vertices in preorder and postorder */
1.	G.V[i].mark <- visited;
2.	time <- time + 1;
3.	G.V[i].discover_time <- time
4.	for each edge (i,j) incident on i do
5.		if (G.V[j].mark = not-visited) then
6.			G.V[j].parent <- i;
7.			dfs_order(G, j, time);
8.	time <- time + 1;
9.	G.V[i].finish_time <- time;
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