calibration tests for wearable eye-tracking glasses
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Glasses Calibration

This repository contains:

  1. Analysis pipeline for automated dynamic gaze mapping
  2. Code and results for accuracy and precision comparisons across two models of wearable eye-tracker

Analysis Pipeline:

Wearable eye-trackers introduce the challenge of translating recorded gaze locations from a egocentric coordinate system (i.e. the outward facing camera on the glasses which records the participant's point-of-view) and a fixed reference stimulus in the environment. This pipeline is used to detect a specific target stimulus in the enviorment, and then transform the gaze data to be expressed relative to the target:

This pipeline currently supports the following wearable eye-trackers:

  • Pupil Labs
  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2
  • SMI ETG 2

For more information look in: gazeMappingPipeline/

Accuracy/Precision Comparisons

We benchmarked accuracy and precision performance across 3 models of wearable eye-tracker (Pupil Labs 120 Hz Binocular, Tobii Pro Glasses 2, SMI ETG 2)

For results and stats, see: analysis/