ASKBOT is a StackOverflow-like Q&A forum, based on CNPROG.
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Askbot - Q&A forum

This is Askbot project - open source Q&A system, like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and some others. Askbot is based on code of CNPROG, originally created by Mike Chen and Sailing Cai and some code written for OSQA.

Demos and hosting are available at

How to contribute

Translators: DO NOT use git to contribute translations!!! instead - translate at

All documentation is in the directory askbot/doc

To contribute code, please fork and make pull requests.

If you are planning to add a new feature, please bring it up for discussion at our forum ( and mention that you are willing to develop this feature.

We will merge obvious bug fixes without questions, for more complex fixes please add a test case that fails before and passes after applying your fix.

Notes on using git for Askbot. Please use topic branches only - one per feature or bugfix. Do not add multiple features and fixes into the same branch - those are much harder to understand and merge.

Follow to to learn how to use fetch and push as well as other help on using git.

License, copyright and trademarks

Askbot software is licensed under GPL, version 3.

Copyright Askbot S.p.A and the project contributors, 2010-2013.

"Askbot" is a trademark and service mark registered in the United States, number 4323777.