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Use to rank contributors to a git project by lines of conribution. This can be done by blame lines for a current view of the project, or by log for a historical view. Includes options for breakdown by file, excluding authors and files and filtering lines by regex.


The easiest way to install is to generate the standalone script and copy to somewhere in your PATH like ~/bin.

rake bundle &> /dev/null && cp git-rank $HOME/bin

If you would like to run from source to make updates from git easier, symlink the bin/git-rank file to somewhere in your path and add git-rank/lib to your RUBYLIB to run from source. This way if you update this repo, no further action is required to run the new code.

ln -s `pwd`/bin/git-rank $HOME/bin/git-rank && export RUBYLIB=`pwd`/lib:$RUBYLIB

Or you can build it as a gem yourself. This is probably not recommended unless you're happy with the current functionality or are uncomfortable with modifying your PATH and RUBYLIB. I'm not sure that shipping this as a gem is the right way to distribute it long term, as I'm guessing there may be a better way to add commands to git. If you want the gem:

gem build git-rank.gemspec && gem install git-rank-0.0.1.gem


See git-rank --help for usage info. Note although most of the time you can use git rank without the dash to run the command, when asking for help you need the dash otherwise git tries to use the core code to look up help.


Inspired by the git-rank-contributors script from http://git-wt-commit.rubyforge.org/git-rank-contributors