Puppet Enterprise Development Module
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Puppet Enterprise Development Module

This module configures a system to have the resources necessary to develop solutions on top of the Puppet Enterprise platform.

Quick Start Install

This module needs to be installed on the Puppet Master system. With Puppet Enterprise already installed with the master role, these commands will put the Puppet pe_devel module in the correct place.

% cd /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/modules
% puppet-module install puppetlabs-pe_devel
Installed "puppetlabs-pe_devel-0.0.1" into directory: pe_devel
% cd pe_devel
% sudop puppet apply -e 'include pe_devel'

RSpec Testing

This module has behavior tests written using RSpec 2. The goal of these tests are to validate the expected behavior of the module. As more features and platform support are added to this module the tests provide an automated way to validate the expectations previous contributors have specified.

In order to validate the behavior, please run the rake spec task.

% rake spec
(in /Users/jeff/vms/puppet/modules/foo)
Finished in 0.31279 seconds
1 example, 0 failures

RSpec Testing Requirements

The spec tests require the rspec-puppet gem to be installed. These tests have initially be tested with the following integration of components in addition to this module. Modules such as stdlib may be checked out into the same parent directory as this module. The spec tests will automatically add this parent directory to the Puppet module search path.

  • rspec 2.6
  • rspec-puppet 0.1.0
  • puppet 2.7.6
  • facter 1.6.3
  • stdlib 2.2.0

Installing RSpec Testing Requirements

To install the testing requirements:

% gem install rspec-puppet --no-ri --no-rdoc
Successfully installed rspec-core-2.7.1
Successfully installed diff-lcs-1.1.3
Successfully installed rspec-expectations-2.7.0
Successfully installed rspec-mocks-2.7.0
Successfully installed rspec-2.7.0
Successfully installed rspec-puppet-0.1.0
6 gems installed

Adding Tests

Please see the rspec-puppet project for information on writing tests. A basic test that validates the class is declared in the catalog is provided in the file spec/classes/*_spec.rb. rspec-puppet automatically uses the top level description as the name of a module to include in the catalog. Resources may be validated in the catalog using:

  • contain_class('myclass')
  • contain_service('sshd')
  • contain_file('/etc/puppet')
  • contain_package('puppet')
  • And so forth for other Puppet resources.