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Markdown Preview for Rails

This gem gives you instant markdown preview for any textarea you want, anywhere in your application.


  1. Add to your Gemfile:

     gem 'markdown_preview', :git => ''
     gem 'rdiscount', '1.6.8' # Markdown Preview will fail with newer versions of RDiscount
  2. Run the Rake task:

    rake markdown_preview:install

  3. Add helper to any controllers you want to use markdown_preview with:

      class MyController < ApplicationController
  4. Add the helper tag to your base layout:

    <!-- Note, jQuery include *required* above this line. -->
    <%= include_markdown_preview_if_needed %>
  5. (Optional) If you want to override the preprocessor then add the following to config/initializers/markdown_preview.rb

    module MarkdownPreview
      #Write your own preprocessor here if you want to
      #the md param is the incoming markdown text, before it has been processed
      def self.preprocess_markdown( md )
  6. Add the markdown_preview class to any textareas you want to be previewable, and you're good to go!

    <textarea class="markdown_preview" id="my_awesome_textarea"></textarea>



Jeff McFadden

Desiring God Ministries