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Updated Formtastic example to work with Formtastic 2 #46

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Formtastic 2 deprecated the enum_input helper described in the readme.

Here's an updated version of the code.


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@@ -502,7 +502,23 @@ Second, do not forget to add the +enum_attr+ macro to the generated model and mi
=== Formtastic integration
-You can display the select input in a Formtastic form with a little monkey patching. First, extend Formtastic with an initializer:
+You can make Formtastic generate a select with the enum values filled in automatically.
+For Formtastic 2, define a custom input class:
+ require 'formtastic'
+ class EnumInput < Formtastic::Inputs::SelectInput
+ def raw_collection
+ @raw_collection ||= collection_from_options || collection_from_enum
+ end
+ def collection_from_enum
+ @object.enums(method.to_sym).try(:select_options) || []
+ end
+ end
+For Formtastic 1, define a custom helper:
require 'formtastic'
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