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  1. So, show me some cool stuff. What can YARD do?

    • Visualize with GraphViz Visualize your classes and methods with GraphViz
    • Inline RSpecs In your rspec files, call the following to refer back to and call the inline rspecs: described_in_docs "String", "camelcase"
    • Inline doc testing Use the 'docspec' command line tool to run the above tests. This is similar to [Ruby DocTest][rubdoctest]'s inline irb testing.
  2. Why did you pick the @-symbol tags for documentation?

    Java, C++, Python and many other languages have standard documentation tools that use the @tag "standard". This has been extended to the Ruby language, and YARD takes advantage of this common style.

  3. Can I tweak it to use some other documentation standard?

    Yes. YARD is flexible enough to have other documentation syntaxes put into use. [TODO: Add information about customization here.]

  4. Why don't you use ParseTree, or sydparse? Why did you write your own parser?

    All ruby parsers that we are aware of have two limitations that are unacceptable to a documentation parser: 1. They do not put comments into the parse tree. 2. They all fail ungracefully on parse errors.

    As a result, YARD uses its own ruby parser that pays particular attention to the comment sections so that all of the information that is needed can be gleened from code and comments alike.