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Local installation (for testing)

This web app requires Rails 4.2.6 and Ruby 2.3.1. I recommend using rvm to install Ruby. Then do

skip the following steps if you're already using 2.3.1

rvm install ruby-2.3.1 rvm 2.3.1 rvm --default use 2.3.1 # optional, makes 2.3.1 the default ruby vresion gem install bundler

cd talks/ bundle install # install all necessary packages rake db:schema:load # create the database script/rails s # start the server on localhost:3000

Then go to localhost:3000 and create an account for yourself. The email sending probably won't work if you're on a local machine, so look in log/development.log for the confirmation email that was sent (search for "Confirm my account"), and http get the link. You'll probably also want to make yourself an administrator, which you can do with

sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3

update users set perm_site_admin # "1" where id # "1";

(You can probably set the confirmation info using sqlite3, also.)

  • Secret keys: update config/initializers/secret_token.rb with your own secret token and secret_key_base. You can use rake secret to generate a fresh secret.


This web app may get some configuration options in the future. For now, you need to edit some of the code to customize things:

  • Site name: Can be changed by editing "en/site_name" mapping in config/locales/en.yml.

  • Talk kinds: By default, talks distinguishes standard talks from MS defenses, PhD proposals, and PhD defenses. This list can be changed by editing the "enumerize :kind" line in app/models/talks.rb. Also change the corresponding translations in config/locales/en.yml.

  • Email sender: Edit config/environments/production.rb, line defining config.action_mailer.default_url_options. Also edit config/initializers/devise.rb, line defining config.mail_sender.

  • Time zone: Edit app/controllers/application_controller#generate_ical so that the two occurrences of "US/Eastern" are in the appropriate time zone.


With Capistrano

There's a Capfile in the root directory to support deployment with Capistrano. Edit files in config/deploy to set up beta testing and/or deployment environments. You'll need to put config/database.yml and config/initializers/secret_token.rb in /deploy_to/shared.


  • Deploy:

  • RAILS_ENV#production rake db:setup

  • bundle exec rake assets:precompile

  • config/environments/production.rb, update config.action_mailer.default_url_options

  • config/initializers/devise.rb, update config.mailer_sender

  • app/views/layouts/application.html.erb, change ""

  • bundle config build.sqlite3 -- --with-sqlite3-include#/usr/local/sqlite- --with-sqlite3-lib#/usr/local/sqlite-

  • bundle --deployment (install gems locally for phusion passenger)

  • Register for an account

  • sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3

    update users set perm_site_admin # "1" where id # "1";

  • Backup/config.rb, edit mail.from and definitions

  • whenever --update-crontab # install cron job to send today's and this week's talks, and to backup database daily

  • Update:

  • git pull

  • bundle --deployment

  • bundle exec rake assets:precompile

  • cd public

    • find . -type d -exec chmod go+x {} ; # or
    • find . -type d | xargs chmod go+x and
    • chmod -R a+r .
  • touch tmp/restart.txt

  • RAILS_ENV#production script/delayed_job restart

  • whenever --update-crontab

Permission model

(See app/models/ability.rb for full details)

  • Global roles
    • :perm_site_admin - permission to do anything on the site
      • Only admins can create a new list
  • Relationships
    • Each talk belongs_to one owner (user, can't be empty)
    • Each talk has_and_belongs_to_many lists (may be empty)
    • Each list has_and_belongs_to_many posters (users)
    • Each list has_and_belongs_to_many admins (users)
  • Local roles
    • A talk may be created by anyone who owns or can post to a list
    • A talk may be added to a list by anyone with permission to post to that list
    • A talk may be edited/deleted by the creator of the talk or by an admin of any list the talk is posted to
    • A user may be granted or revoked list poster or admin permission by an admin of that list


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