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Mal Recommender is a recommender system for predicting MyAnimeList scores using linear regression.

Under the Crawler package are some files for crawling data on top anime, and users. I specifically chose the top 1000 anime and users who have watched more than 100 of the top 1000. The MyAnimeList API did not have any tools for finding users, so I repeatedly crawled the recently active page and specific anime forums to get 10,000 users. In total, I had approximately 2 million data points and a 1000x10000 table describing the ratings which was 20% fill.

Under the Learner package are the programs to both plot, learn, and test the data. I created another cross validation data set of approximately 1000 users to determine the linear regularization parameter and the number of features to use. Finally, I used a testing data set of approximately 1000 users to determine the final accurancy of the predictor.


Top row is regularization parameter.

500 Features

3 6 10 15 20 30 50 100
Score Diff = 0 0.37936 0.28980 0.43582 0.44818 0.44945 0.44269 0.44063 0.42689
Score Diff <= 1 0.66282 0.52252 0.72763 0.73624 0.73773 0.72890 0.72396 0.70461
Score Diff <= 2 0.91816 0.75100 0.94533 0.94998 0.94871 0.94417 0.93973 0.92715

1000 Features

10 15 30 60
Score Diff = 0 0.44900 0.44996 0.43627 0.40715
Score Diff <= 1 0.73246 0.73893 0.73129 0.69986
Score Diff <= 2 0.94799 0.95033 0.94555 0.93502

Improvements and Some Notes

  • Increasing the features will marginally increase the accuracy
  • More data (Some of the anime only have a few hundred ratings)
  • Guessing the median score yields an accuracy of about 30% so a linear regression works substantially better.
  • The more anime the user has watched, the more accurate the predictor is
  • Fuzzy k-means and k-means can be used to cluster anime and find groups


A linear regression recommender system generally works pretty well. With a regularization parameter of 15 and 1000 features, it can get 45% of all scores correct, 75% of all scores correct within one point, and 95% of all scores correct within two points. However, it might not be the case that anime preferences can be linearly separable, so non-linear methods might be needed for further accuracy (maybe SVMs or self organizing maps?).


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