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ColReorderResize adds the ability for the end user to click and drag column headers to reorder and resize a table as they see fit, to DataTables. See the documentation for full details.

This repository is based on a no longer supported version of the ColReorderWithResize plugin. I basically updated it to work with the latest version of DataTables and fixed some long-standing issues with the plugin.

There is an example of using this plugin here:

Plug-in can be initialized multiple ways:

Using dom option and adding character R.

var table = $('#example').DataTable({
    'dom': 'Rlfrtip'

Using new $.fn.dataTable.ColReorder().

var table = $('#example').DataTable();
new $.fn.dataTable.ColReorder(table);

This plugin fires the following events:


Here is an example of capturing a resize event:

// Do something when a resize occurs.
$('#datatable').on('column-resize.dt.mouseup', function(event, oSettings) {
    // Do something here.

Here is an example of capturing some reorder event:

$('#datatable').on('column-reorder.dt.mouseup', function(event, oSettings) {
    // Do something here.
// or 
    .on('mousedown.ColReorder touchstart.ColReorder', function(event) {
        // User has clicked on a column and is currently holding the mouse button down.
    .on('mouseup.ColReorder touchend.ColReorder', function(event) {
        // Users has released the mouse button.