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+# Copyright 2012 Jeffrey Kegler
+# This file is part of Marpa::R2. Marpa::R2 is free software: you can
+# redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser
+# General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation,
+# either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
+# Marpa::R2 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+# Lesser General Public License for more details.
+# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser
+# General Public License along with Marpa::R2. If not, see
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+% Copyright 2012 Jeffrey Kegler
+% This document is licensed under
+% a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
+%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% LyX specific LaTeX commands.
+ \fontencoding{LGR}\selectfont\def\encodingdefault{LGR}%
+ \renewcommand{\~}{\perispomeni}%
+\DeclareRobustCommand{\textgreek}[1]{\leavevmode{\greektext #1}}
+ \text{\ifx\math@version\b@ld\bfseries\fi#1}\endgroup\else#1\fi}
+\title{Notes to Aycock and Horspool 2002}
+\author{Jeffrey Kegler
+Copyright \copyright\ 2012 Jeffrey Kegler.
+This document is licensed under
+a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
+The 2002 paper by Aycock and Horspool, on a modification to Jay Earley's
+parser, has been essential to my work on general BNF parser. It is
+a difficult read for several reasons. First, the paper is dense with
+important, but difficult, insights. Second, a reader needs to be familiar
+with much previous work, including in the now-neglected field of general
+BNF parsing. Finally, there are a number of obscurities and some errors.
+This paper is a series of notes and errate intended to address the
+last problem.
+\section{THIS IS A DRAFT}
+This paper is in late stages, but not yet finished. It will contain
+many errors of the kind that the last drafts should remove.
+The 2002 paper by Aycock and Horspool contains a number of obscurities
+and some errors. This paper is a series of notes and errata intended
+to address the last problem. Notes are not distinguished from errata
+in what follows. The difference is a fine one, and it is not clear
+that it would serve the reader to know where this author draws the
+line in this particular cloud.
+The discerning reader will realize that an exercise in nit-picking
+like this article is an especially sincere form of praise. Only if
+this author truly thought Aycock and Horspool's 2002 paper rewarded
+careful and repeated study, would he have collected these notes.
+\section{Lemma 5.2 is Incomplete}
+The proof of Lemma 5.2 seems incomplete. In case 4 on page 622, the
+last sentence begins {}``If $I''$$\in S_{i}'$''. There is no justification
+given in the proof for the assertion that $I''$$\in S_{i}'$. A justification
+is necessary in order for Lemma 5.2 and Theorem 5.1 to go through.
+Case 4 can be shown, and the proof successfully completed, if all
+4 cases are wrapped in an induction. This induction could be on completion
+depth, where the completion depth of an item is defined as the number
+of completion steps ($E_{c}$ or $E'_{c}$) within the current Earley
+set needed to add that item to the Earley set. For example, a scanned
+item would have zero completion depth.
+Lemma 5.3, case 4 relies on Lemma 5.2's case 4 for its justification,
+and therefore has the same issue.
+\section{Parent Pointers in Theorem 6.1}
+In the definitions leading up to Theorem 6.1 on page 624, $l\sqsubset S$
+is stated to be equivalent to $[\, A\,\rightarrow\,\lyxmathsym{\textgreek{a}\textbullet\textgreek{b}},\: j]\,\in\, S_{i}$,
+where $j$ is never defined. Similarly, $L\sqsubset S_{i}$ is stated
+to be equivalent to $l\sqsubset S_{i}$ for all $l\in L$.
+LR(0) items never appear alone as member of Earley sets. They are
+always in a duple with a parent pointer. Many of the subsequent statements
+using the $l\sqsubset S$ and $L\sqsubset S_{i}$ notations are only
+true for the correct choice of parent pointer.
+The problem can be resolved, and all statements involving the square
+subset ($\sqsubset$) notation become true, if it is revised to include
+the parent pointer. This can be done by setting $l@j\sqsubset S$
+to the equivalent of $[\, A\,\rightarrow\,\lyxmathsym{\textgreek{a}\textbullet\textgreek{b}},\: j]\,\in\, S_{i}$,
+and $L@j\sqsubset S_{i}$ to be equivalent to $l@j\sqsubset S_{i}$
+for all $l\in L$. The square subset notation is only used in column
+one on page 624. If {}``$@j$'' is introduced before the square
+subset symbol everywhere it occurs, the expectations for the parent
+pointer are made clear. This change in notation leaves Theorem 6.1
+true, and its proof correct.
+\section{LR(0) State versus LR(0) Item}
+On page 624, the notation for LR(0) states and LR(0) items, while
+not incorrect, is inconsistent is a way this is very likely to be
+confusing. In column one, LR(0) states are always designated with
+a capital letter ($L$), while LR(0) items are always designated with
+lowercase letters ($l$). But in the second paragraph of column two
+on the same page, LR(0) states are designated with the lowercase letter
+$l$ , previously reserved for LR(0) items.
+\section{Prediction Items are included in LR(0) States}
+\noun{Note}: In the second paragraph of page 624, this sentence occurs:
+{}``All items $[A\rightarrow\lyxmathsym{\textbullet\textgreek{a}}]$
+must be in $l$ too''. As pointed out above, use of $L$ for the
+LR(0) state would be more consistent than the use of $l$.
+Also, I found it necessary to remind myself why the assertion is true:
+By the definition of LR(0) states, whenever an item $[B\rightarrow...\lyxmathsym{\textbullet}A...,k]$
+is in an LR(0) state, all prediction items for $A$ must also be in
+that same LR(0) state.
+\section{\texttt{foreach} over Worklists\texttt{ }}
+\noun{Note}: In the pseudocode on page 625 and on page 627 it's important
+to realize that, in the \texttt{foreach} loops over the contents of
+Earley sets, the Earley sets should be implemented as {}``worklists''.
+This is stated on page 625, but is easy to miss. Implementation as
+worklists means the the loop must be able to add new items as it proceeds,
+and that the iteration includes must include those newly added items.
+A naive implementation of a foreach loop would usually not provide
+worklist semantics.
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