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@@ -1616,6 +1616,12 @@ and inclusive time and space is charged to the EIM
+\subsection{Correctness of Earley fusion}
+\subsection{Completeness of Earley fusion}
\caption{Leo fusion operation}
@@ -1648,12 +1654,22 @@ attempt.
-\subsection{Adding a pair of Earley items}
+\subsection{Correctness of Leo fusion}
+\subsection{Completeness of Leo fusion}
+\subsection{Correctness of fusion}
+\subsection{Completeness of fusion}
+\subsection{Adding an Earley item}
-This operation adds a confirmed EIM
-item and, if it exists, the EIM for
-its null-transition.
+This operation adds a confirmed EIM.
Inclusive time and space is charged to the
calling procedure.
Trivially, the space is \Oc{} per call.
@@ -1670,15 +1686,17 @@ An Earley item can be added to the current
set in \Oc{} time
if Earley set is seen as a linked
list, to the head of which the new Earley item is added.
-The resource used by \call{Add EIM Pair}{}
+The resource used by \call{Add EIM}{}
is always caller-included.
-No time or space is ever charged
-to a predicted Earley item.
-At most one attempt to add a \Veim{predicted} will
-be made per attempt to add a \Veim{confirmed},
-so that the total resource charged
-remains \Oc{}.
+\subsection{Prediction pass}
+\subsection{Correctness of prediction pass}
+\subsection{Completeness of prediction pass}
\subsection{Per-set lists}
@@ -1803,7 +1821,7 @@ is \Oc{} if links are included,
zero otherwise.
-As noted in Section \ref{p:add-eim-pair},
+As noted in Section \ref{p:add-eim},
the time and space used by predicted Earley items
and attempts to add them is charged elsewhere.

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