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Update for changes to Leo logic

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1 parent 4226640 commit 727ccb0a8bcb4735d0cd36145c8c51a2963b657a Jeffrey Kegler committed Jun 19, 2013
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@@ -2758,12 +2758,13 @@ the Earley reduction for this case,
contrary to the assumption that the grammar in unambiguous.
It suffices therefore to consider the number of possible choices
of the pair
-[\Vorig{component}, \Vsym{transition}]
+[\Vorig{component}, \Vsym{transition}].
\Vorig{component} came from $\Veimt{component} \in \Ves{j}$,
-and therefore there is at most
+and therefore there are at most
$\bigsize{\Vtable{j}}$ choices for \Vorig{component}.
The number of possibilities for \Vsym{lhs} is limited
by the number of symbols,
@@ -2783,8 +2784,9 @@ Summing
\var{reduction-tries} +
-we have
-where $\var{n} = \Vsize{\Cw}$, the size of the input,
+we have,
+where $\var{n} = \Vsize{\Cw}$,
+the size of the input,
& \bigsize{\Vtable{0}} & \quad &

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