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Jeffrey Kegler Jeffrey Kegler
Jeffrey Kegler authored and Jeffrey Kegler committed Feb 21, 2014
1 parent 8072c58 commit d1a14b81f29b84b4dab12e4599512bfb1905e3e8
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@@ -732,14 +732,11 @@ if and only if we have both
-Let \Vdr{predecessor} be the dotted rule
-\textup{ $[\Vsym{lhs} \de \Vsf{before} \mydot \Vsym{transition} \cat \Vsf{after}]$ }
-and \Vdr{successor} be its successor
-\textup{ $[\Vsym{lhs} \de \Vsf{before} \cat \Vsym{transition} \mydot \Vsf{after}]$ }
+Let \textup{\Vdr{predecessor}} be a dotted rule,
+let \textup{\Vdr{successor}} be its successor,
+and let \textup{\Vsym{transition}} be the postdot symbol in
+\textup{\Vdr{predecessor}} and the predot symbol in
If the EIM
@@ -765,6 +762,14 @@ then the EIM
+Let \Vdr{predecessor} be the dotted rule
+\textup{ $[\Vsym{lhs} \de \Vsf{before} \mydot \Vsym{transition} \cat \Vsf{after}].$ }
+\Vdr{successor} is therefore
+\textup{ $[\Vsym{lhs} \de \Vsf{before} \cat \Vsym{transition} \mydot \Vsf{after}].$ }
From assumption \eqref{e:eim-reduction-1}, we know that

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