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@@ -309,36 +309,38 @@ Type names are often used in the text
as a convenient way to refer to
their type.
-Where \Vsymset{vocab} is non-empty set of symbols,
-let $\var{vocab}^\ast$ be the set of all strings
+Where \Vsymset{sym-set} is non-empty set of symbols,
+let $\var{sym-set}^\ast$ be the set of all strings
(type \type{STR}) formed
from those symbols.
Where \Vstr{s} is a string,
let \size{\Vstr{s}} be its length, counted in symbols.
-Let $\var{vocab}^+$ be
+Let $\var{sym-set}^+$ be
\bigl\{ \Vstr{x}
-\bigm| \Vstr{x} \in \var{vocab}* \land \Vsize{\Vstr{x}} > 0
+\bigm| \Vstr{x} \in \var{sym-set}* \land \Vsize{\Vstr{x}} > 0
In this \doc{} we use,
without loss of generality,
the grammar \Cg{},
where \Cg{} is the 3-tuple
- (\Vsymset{vocab}, \var{rules}, \Vsym{accept}).
-Here $\Vsym{accept} \in \var{vocab}$.
+ (\Vsymset{vocab}, \Vsymset{terminals}, \var{rules}, \Vsym{accept}), \\
+\text{where} \quad \Vsym{accept} \in \var{vocab}, \\
+\Vsym{accept} \notin \var{non-terminals}, \\
+\text{and} \quad \var{terminals} \subseteq \var{vocab}.
Call the language of \var{g}, $\myL{\Cg}$,
-where $\myL{\Cg} \subseteq \var{vocab}^\ast$.
+where $\myL{\Cg} \subseteq \var{terminals}^\ast$.
\Vruleset{rules} is a set of rules (type \type{RULE}),
where a rule is a duple
of the form $[\Vsym{lhs} \de \Vstr{rhs}]$,
such that
-\Vsym{lhs} \in \var{vocab} \quad \text{and}
+\Vsym{lhs} \in \var{non-terminal} \quad \text{and}
\quad \Vstr{rhs} \in \var{vocab}^+.
\Vsym{lhs} is referred to as the left hand side (LHS)
@@ -351,6 +353,11 @@ $\LHS{\Vrule{r}}$ and $\RHS{\Vrule{r}}$, respectively.
This definition follows \cite{AH2002},
which departs from tradition by disallowing an empty RHS.
+Note that this paper, departing from tradition, does not define
+\Cg{} using a set of non-terminals that is disjoint from
+As implemented, Marpa allows terminals to serve as LHS symbols.
The rules imply the traditional rewriting system,
in which $\Vstr{x} \derives \Vstr{y}$
states that \Vstr{x} derives \Vstr{y} in exactly one step;
@@ -471,6 +478,24 @@ when parsing \Cg{}.
\section{Rewriting the grammar}
+Marpa runs on fully general BNF.
+To do this, it rewrites the grammar at before recognition,
+then undoes the rewrite at evaluation time.
+Marpa claims to be a practical parser,
+and semantics are essential in practical parsing.
+It is therefore important that this rewrite be of a kind
+that can be done and undone efficiently,
+while preserving the semantics.
+the rewrite takes place as if the following steps were executed.
+The actual implementation of the rewrite differs somewhat from
+the above, for reasons of efficiency.
+\section{Properties of the rewritten grammar}
We have already noted
that no rules of \Cg{}
have a zero-length RHS,

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