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Report Map (Google Maps) APEX Plugin APEX 5.0

A Region plugin for Oracle Application Express

This allows you to add a Google Map region to any page, showing a number of markers (pins) based on a query you specify.


The user can click any marker to see a popup info window for it. You can have the region synchronize the map with an item you nominate - if so, the corresponding ID for the marker they click will be copied to the item.

Warning: if you are upgrading from v0.9.1 or earlier, make sure to review the Release Notes first.




  1. Download the latest release
  2. Install the plugin to your application - region_type_plugin_com_jk64_report_google_map.sql
  3. Supply your Google API Key (Component Settings)
  4. Add a region to the page, select type JK64 Report Google Map [Plug-In]
  5. For SQL Source, enter a query with at least 4 columns (see example below)
  6. Update the Number of Rows to a reasonable upper limit (default is 15, you probably want a higher limit)

Sample query

SELECT lat, lng, name, id FROM mydata

For more info including sample queries, plugin attributes and triggers, refer to the WIKI.