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prompt sync_comments_lt_to_view.sql
-- synchronize column comments from MYTABLE_LT (OWM table) to MYTABLE (view)
for r in (
select nvl(lt.column_name,vt.column_name) as column_name
,vt.table_name v_table_name
,vt.comments v_comments
from user_col_comments lt
full outer join user_col_comments vt
on lt.table_name = vt.table_name || '_LT'
and vt.column_name = lt.column_name
where vt.table_name = :VIEW_NAME /*name of the OWM-managed view*/
and nvl(lt.comments,vt.comments) is not null /*no change if neither side has comments*/
) loop
if nvl(r.comments,'~!@#$NULL%^&*()') != nvl(r.v_comments,'~!@#$NULL%^&*()') then
execute immediate 'comment on column "'
|| r.v_table_name || '"."' || r.column_name
|| '" is ''' || replace(r.comments,'''','''''') || '''';
end if;
end loop;
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