An HTML email template. Use as scaffolding. Save time.
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  1. table-based, modular HTML email optimized for Gmail App and iOS Apple Mail App
  2. no media queries; width of 600px
  3. use of rems and ems so that each module can be resized independently
  4. thoroughly-documented, validated code
  5. CSS fix for superscript HTML entities (®) -- line-height distortion is anticipated, eliminated
  6. Absolute paths to hosted images (social icons, etc)
  7. Thoroughly-tested on desktop (Gmail and Thunderbird in Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Internet Explorer 11) and mobile (Gmail app, iOS Mail app)
  8. Includes an HTML snippet that fixes Gmail's attempt to automatically resize fonts. A discussion of this can be found here. The code is included just before the closing body tag.
  9. phone number triggers the phone application, for increased usability
  10. added display:table-cell; to all images nested within links, in order to make sure that the link doesn't extend beyond the image. This has the effect of making the layout more balanced since links extending beyond the image borders was similar to adding padding to one side of the image.


  1. The email template will break in Gmail if the HTML dash entity is used in the markup.
  2. I initially sized the social icons in the footer with a height and width property (in ems), but ultimately eliminated the height property and switched to pixels...this resolved an inconsistency in how the iOS Mail app was displaying these images.
  3. The Gmail auto resize feature (a.k.a. "nightmare") was initially resolved by implementing the HTML snippet mentioned above. However, further testing shows that the results are inconsistent. The initial test with Sendmetric will sometimes show the snippet to be ineffective...but a second test (sent immediately after the first) will display properly, even when no code has been updated. I'm still not sure what's causing this issue.
  4. when the content of the "quad section" (the area with the gray background) exceeds a certain word-count, the 4 black squares no longer adhere to the desired design ratio.


  1. put all CSS inline
  2. test again after updating any content, images, or links