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TailPress is a minimal boilerplate theme for WordPress using Tailwind CSS.

Getting started

Using the installer

You can get started using the installer (using composer):

composer global require jeffreyvanrossum/tailpress-installer

tailpress new example-theme

If the tailpress command is not found, make sure to place Composer's global vendor bin in your $PATH (see).

Flags you can pass when using the installer:

  • Set a theme name --name="Example Theme"
  • Choose your compiler, mix or esbuild: --compiler="esbuild"
  • Initialize a git repository --git
  • Set the git branch name --branch="main"

If you choose to install WordPress through the installer, these flags might be of interest as well: --dbname, --dbuser, --dbpass and --dbhost.

Once your theme is ready, don't forget to cd into the directory.

You will be asked if you would like to have WordPress installed as well. Keep in mind that you still need a local development environment for PHP and MySQL.

Regular method

  • Clone repo git clone && cd tailpress
  • Run rm -rf .git to remove git (or rmdir .git for Windows)
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm run watch to start developing


You will find the editable CSS and Javascript files within the /resources folder.

Before you use your theme in production, make sure you run npm run production.

NPM Scripts

There are several NPM scripts available. You'll find the full list in the package.json file under "scripts". A script is executed through the terminal by running npm run script-name.

Script Description
production Creates a production (minified) build of app.js, app.css and editor-style.css.
dev Creates a development build of app.js, app.css and editor-style.css.
watch Runs several watch scripts concurrently.


Styling within the block editor

To make the editing experience within the block editor more in line with the front end styling, a editor-style.css is generated.

CSS classes generated by TailPress

CSS classes for alignment (full, wide etc.) are generated automatically. You can opt-out on this by removing the plugin from the tailwind.config.js file.

Customize colors

Several colors and font sizes are defined from the beginning. You can modify them in theme.json.

Command tailpress not found

Make sure to place Composer's global vendor bin directory in your $PATH so the tailpress executable can be found by your system. This directory exists in different locations based on your operating system; however, some common locations include:

  • macOS: $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Composer\vendor\bin
  • GNU / Linux Distributions: $HOME/.config/composer/vendor/bin or $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin

You could also find the composer's global installation path by running composer global about and looking up from the first line.




MIT. Please see the License File for more information.