GUI/CLI utility for archiving files.
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Utility for archiving files. An archive consists of a zip file containing the archived files and directories plus an optional information log file named __arc_info__.txt (please note older versions used the file name __archive_info__.txt).

There are two variations of this application:

  • Archiver - CLI utility.
  • gArchiver - GUI utility.


The status of this project is production/stable. This project is suitable for use and new releases will maintain compatibility unless otherwise stated.


This application was written in Python. The CLI utility uses the Docopt library. The graphical utility uses the wxPython GUI library. To run the application from source, the following dependencies are required:


Windows binaries of the two utility variations are built using PyInstaller 3.x; the binaries should be standalone and do not require any additional dependencies.

  • To use the CLI Archiver utility, simply add the archiver.exe file to a location accessible on the PATH.
  • To use the GUI gArchiver utility, add a shortcut to garchiver.exe to the shell:sendto directory which will add the utility to the Windows Explorer "Send to" menu.


For more information on how to use the CLI utility, run archiver --help in a command prompt. The simplest example usage is archiver myfile.txt.

To use the GUI utility once added to the "Send to" menu, select files/directories to be archived then open the context menu (right click) and select Send to->gArchiver. A demo of gArchiver in action is shown below:

gArchiver Demo

Log comments are saved in the __arc_info__.txt file located in the top-level of the archive. The log uses Asciidoc formatting.

Timestamps are appended to the beginning of the archive filename and separated by a hyphen. The default timestamp format is YYYYMMDDhhmm.


Who is this project for?

Anyone that could use a method of quickly archiving files while adding some optional notes. Received a document via email? Create an archive and include the sender's information in the log!