GUI utility for quick window switching.
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This project provides a Windows application that allows quick keyboard-based switching between open windows as well as the ability to bookmark frequently used windows for quick return. QuickWin is meant to supplement standard alt-tabbing while providing additional window movement control for those comfortable navigating with a keyboard.


The status of this project is beta. This project is suitable for use but there may be incompatibilities in new releases.

The release changelog is available here.


To build QuickWin, run the _Check_Dependencies script to determine if the dependencies are met.

To run QuickWin, a modern release of Windows (XP or newer) is required.


Unzip the release archive and run quickwin.exe.


The following keyboard shortcuts are used to control QuickWin:

  • CTRL+ALT+SPACE - Opens the QuickWin main window. If the QuickWin main window is already open, selects the next window in the list.

  • ENTER or CTRL+S - Switches to the selected window.

  • DOWN or CTRL+J - Selects the next window in the list.

  • UP or CTRL+K - Selects the previous window in the list.

  • CTRL+H - Selects the top window in the list.

  • CTRL+L - Selects the bottom window in the list.

  • CTRL+M - Selects the middle window in the list.

  • CTRL+E or CTRL+SPACE - Jump between windows of same executable.

  • SPACE - If no other text is in the command text field, jump between windows of the same executable.

Windows can be filtered by entering a portion of the desired name. Additionally, the following commands can be entered into the text field:

  • ;title <PATTERN> - Filters by window title (default command and will execute if non-command text is entered).

  • ;number <PATTERN> - Filters by window number.

  • ;executable <PATTERN> - Filters by executable name.

  • ;set <NAME> - Sets the selected window to alias <NAME>.

  • ;get <NAME> - Goes to the window with alias <NAME>.

  • ;delete - Deletes all alias names.

  • ;help - Shows help dialog.

To exit QuickWin, use the system tray icon context menu.

A demo of QuickWin in action is shown below:

QuickWin Demo


There are plans to eventually port this project to other operating systems besides Windows.


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