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My campus circulator schedule app for Windows Phone 7. My developer account expired so this is now free to the world!
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WhewCirc for Windows Phone 7

This is a Windows Phone 7 application I wrote that tells you the upcoming campus circulator schedule at my university. In the interest of not getting sued into oblivion, I have not included that name here.

If my university does decide to send me a cease and desist letter demanding this code be removed for some reason, I will comply. I won't be mad, just disappointed. If you think you can learn something from this code, it might be a good idea to make a local copy for yourself rather than just bookmarking this repository. But we'll hope that doesn't happen.

About the App

This is the second and by far most polished app I wrote for Windows Phone 7. I have no doubts that it's janky at times but hopefully there can be something learned from it. It worked pretty well on my phone and got a decent amount of downloads, most of which were international.

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