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port: 80
+### Services
+Services are a way of grouping several sensor checks together. In the example above, we have a "google" service w
+hich we check by making a get request to "" and also seeing if we have a connection to port 8
+0 on the "" host. In the yaml config, a service is a "hash" of sensors where the keys are the names of
+the sensors and the values are the configuration.
+### Sensors
+Sensors are a way of describing a health check. Each sensor config MUST at least have a strategy. Common configuration
+options accross all strategies are:
+ * timeout: number (milliseconds) to define how long it will allow a check before declaring it a failure
+ * interval: number (milliseconds) of time to wait between health checks (called after the result of a check)
+ * fall: number of fails to be considered down
+ * rise: number of passes to be considered up
+Here are some
+examples of how you can use sensors and their strategies:
+strategy: tcp
+port: 80
+strategy: http
+strategy: pidfile
+pidfile: /var/pids/

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