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Universal Disassembler program for 8-bit microprocessors
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Universal Disassembler program for 8-bit microprocessors

This is a simple disassembler for various 8-bit microprocessors. It reads a binary file specified on the command line and produces a disassembly. It requires Python 3. It has been tested on Linux but should work on any platform that supports Python. See the source code for more details.

The following CPUs are either supported or planned to be supported:

CPU Status

1802 possible

6502 done

65816 done

65C02 done

6800 done

6809 done (incomplete)

6811 done

8080 done

8051 done (incomplete)

F8 possible

Z80 done

usage: [-h] [-c CPU] [-n] [-a ADDRESS] [-i] filename

positional arguments:

filename Binary file to disassemble

optional arguments:

-h, --help show this help message and exit

-c CPU, --cpu CPU Specify CPU type (defaults to 6502)

-n, --nolist Don't list instruction bytes (make output suitable for assembler)

-a ADDRESS, --address ADDRESS Specify decimal starting address (defaults to 0)

-i, --invalid Show invalid opcodes as ??? rather than constants

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