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My Dotfiles

There are my personal dotfiles. They are managed using:


  • direnv: Securely loads or unloads environment variables depending on the current directory.
  • Homebrew for macOS package management.
  • Homesick for managing dotfiles.
  • Modd A flexible developer tool that runs processes and responds to filesystem changes.
  • Spacegray terminal theme.
  • Starship The minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell.


  • Alfred Powerpack: These Power Ups unlock the best of Alfred.
  • Alfred: Productivity tool.
  • Espanso: Cross-platform Text Expander written in Rust |
  • Hammerspoon: An macOS automation tool (tiling windows manager)


  • pip: The PyPA recommended tool for installing and managing Python packages.
  • pipenv: Pipenv is a project that aims to bring the best of all packaging worlds to the Python world.
  • pipx: execute binaries from Python packages in isolated environments
  • pyenv: Simple Python version management


  1. Bootstrap our environment (install ansible via pipx)
$ make bootstrap
  1. Let ansible do its thing
$ make install

Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Key Combination
move to left half ctrl + opt + cmd + left
move to right half ctrl + opt + cmd + right

Terminal theme

Inspiration / Thank you!

Contact / Social Media

Here are a few ways to keep up with me online. If you have a question about this project, please consider opening a GitHub Issue.